Write a Letter


Here's the front of the card. What a cute little ネズミ!

Writing to pen-pals is a great way to practice not only your grammar, but your penmanship, too!

I wrote my first for-real letter in Japanese back in March of 2009.  (Almost a year ago, woah!)

It was for my Japanese e-mail pal.  My fellow journalers over at Lang-8 helped me with my grammar before I wrote my final copy.  I was so pumped when I finished!  Here it is:


While I was obviously no Japanese prodigy, it’s uber-motivating to read this now and realize just how far I’ve come.  I just sent this same pen-pal a nengajo (New Year’s card), which was much more articulate and kanji-ful.  I hope that next year’s nengajo sees just as much improvement!

Do I recommend doing this?  Absolutely!

Hand-write a letter to a Japanese pen pal/e-mail pal/Skype pal. It’s extra pressure to do your best when you’re writing to a real person.  (C’mon, do you really do your best when you write to the imaginary characters in your textbook?  Takeshi and Mary won’t judge you, and you know it.)  You don’t even need your pal’s real address, just snap a clear photo of your letter and Skype it or e-mail it.  Save a copy or a photo of your letter for yourself, so you can look back on it months or a year later and see how far you’ve come!


One Response to Write a Letter

  1. Ore-sama says:

    I agree!! Except…. What I did was comment on an actor’s blog |D;;; I did write down each one in my notebook, but unfortunately looking back at them makes me embarrassed, suicidal, and emo. Maybe an actor I liked wasn’t a very good idea lol.

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