A Message to My Fellow JLPT-Takers

Well, JLPT results are being posted soon…and suddenly I’m not sure I want to check my page to see if I passed…

Wait, no, remember why you took the test, Liz, (and everyone else!).  You took it because you wanted to learn, not because you wanted to pass a standardized exam.  It was just one of many, many motivators to help you on your Japanese-learning journey.

What matters is the journey you took because of the test: the language you learned, the new ideas you encountered, the new people you met and learned from.  The sum of your journey and progress has infinitely more value than the passing of any test.

Fellow JLPT-takers, regardless of your test results, I hope you find great pride and happiness in reflecting on how far you’ve come, and great anticipation and excitement for the next leg of your journey!

Much love,


8 Responses to A Message to My Fellow JLPT-Takers

  1. kanjiwarrior says:

    I plan to try to take the JLPT this december, not sure what level yet though.

    What level did you take?

  2. burritolingus says:

    I’m aiming for JLPT2 by Fall, though I really need to get my act together and pick up the pace , STAT, if I want a serious shot at passing it. No matter the case, I’m sure it’ll be a learning and motivating experience… otherwise, I wouldn’t be considering taking it at all, naw’mean?

    Soooo, what’d you score, Lizさん? Yer leaving us in suspense!

    • veganliz says:

      N2, eh? Nice! I know whatcha mean about the motivating and learning!

      I don’t know what I scored yet (I’m really just hoping to pass, I know I didn’t do super well score-wise). Regardless of whether or not I passed, it’s N3 for me this year!


      • burritolingus says:

        Haha, I had forgotten all about the reformed tests! Well, that throws me off, just a bit. Looking through the JLPT site, it sounds like N3 might be a more realistic goal after all, especially considering the slow start I’ve gotten off to since the new year… but we’ll see.


  3. Delphine says:

    Best of luck to you! And that’s a great way to look at it – it’s not the standardized test that counts, it’s the knowledge and experience you get from it 😀

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