The Results Are In….


I apologize, it’s been a good while since I posted.  I’ve been busy finding a new job and a new place to live, and moving in!  No worries, though, I’ll be posting and tweeting regularly again!  Now where were we…

My last post was a poll, asking you what two Japanese-learning-related websites you would recommend to a fellow learner.  (With a think-fast element!)  This was based on a true story and happened to me just as I described it.

The Results

The majority of you (as well as  myself) picked All Japanese All the Time as one of your recommendations!   AJATT is super-comprehensive, providing a very unique self-study guide (that often clashes entirely with traditional methods) as well as blog articles, hardcore inspiration, and study tools.  With it’s breadth and unique recommendations and ideas, it’s undoubtedly a popular site to recommend to another learner.

The second most popular pick in the poll was Reviewing the Kanji.  It’s a site for reviewing kanji readings, writing, and meanings, as introduced in James Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” series.  It was a bit surprising that this came out as the #2 most recommended, as RTK has a narrow niche in terms of what it covers.  Must be because so many learners find it such an effective tool for what can be one of the  most difficult parts of learning Japanese.  (I started using this site a couple months ago, and I must concur that it is indeed super-awesome.  I have NEVER learned kanji so efficiently.)

So besides AJATT, my second real-life recommendation to the gentleman who approached me was EduFire!  I’ve gotten so much out of the classes, being a student, being a teacher, and connecting with other learners through EduFire that I thought it would be a great place to send another learner.

But really…

Everybody learns differently and thrives off of different techniques.  I love sites that some of my friends think are ineffective, and vice versa.  Lucky for us, there are lots of awesome and unique sites and people to help us on our way!  Here are links to all the other sites I listed on our poll.  I chose them because I really believe they are all absolutely fantastic and effective sites.  Check them out and see if !

Read the Kanji

Rainbowhill Language Lab



JimBreen’s WWWJDIC

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese





4 Responses to The Results Are In….

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Liz : ) I think you missed the main reason a lot of people (myself included) voted for RevTK. It’s not the RTK study portion of the site (though it’s a great resource, and how a lot of us ended up there in the first place), it’s this.

    That forum is an absolute goldmine of study ideas, resources and support. There are a number of native speakers and fluent (or close to) long time learners who provide great advice, too. It basically does everything the AJATT Plus forums are supposed to do, but for free and with an established member base.

    • veganliz says:

      Ah, great to know! Sounds like an awesome resource. I better go and check it out!

      (Sorry it took so long to get your comment up, WordPress thought it was spams!)

  2. Hope it’s not inappropriate to plug RhinoSpike. We’re new, but many people (especially Japanese learners) have been using us to get Japanese audio. Get any text read aloud for you by a native speaker, for free.

    • veganliz says:

      Course not! Sounds like a really amazing idea. I’ve seen some tweets about it, and I just signed up. Thanks for the info 🙂 Hope you get to build a great community!

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