Top 3 Must-Do Computer Settings for Japanese Learners: #2

This is the second of my top 3 must-do computer settings for Japanese learners.

All of the settings are ones I super-extra-highly recommend Japanese learners of all levels try out.   Really, it would be silly not to at least…

#2: Set your browser’s preferred language to Japanese

Sure, you’ve probably already set your browser to be able to display Japanese, but is it your preferred language?

When you set your preferred language as Japanese, your browser automatically displays the Japanese version of any website, if one is available.  (Well, for the most part…sometimes you still end up with English even though the site is available in 日本語).  Lots of pages, even ones you maybe didn’t know about, have Japanese versions.  Sites like:

  • Web mail (GMail, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Search engines
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • All the many Google pages (Including maps!  Bring it on!)
  • Many, many more!

This is a really simple change that can give you much more exposure to Japanese on a daily basis, especially if you’re as internet-dependent as the rest of us.

And as you know, more exposure = more reps = more learning = WIN

If you don’t already use your favorite websites in Japanese, make this switch now! You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up on new words and phrases.  I bet you can’t use YouTube for a week without learning 再生 (さいせい).  And if you use Facebook, you’ll learn not to “Like” your friends’ statuses, but to “いいね!” them.

If you’re doing AJATT it’s also super-convenient and helps you get max L2 exposure without extra effort.  No more having to manually set each site to Japanese each time.

Coming soon….the third and final post in the series!  This one will help you out with tackling all those sites you’re now using in Japanese!

As usual, comments and questions are welcome!  I always love to hear about your own ideas and experiences!


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