Why ReadMOD was Awesome

The Read More or Die contest ended earlier this week. I was sad for it to end, it was pure awesomeness.


#1. Got me into a great habit.
I read in Japanese regularly now.  Feels as natural as eating.

#2. Reading speed +4, Comprehension +6, Vocabulary +3
My reading skillz improved, a TON, and I could tell.  Flippin’ exciting!

#3. Improved my immersion skills.
Because I was so eager to read, I learned to fit more immersion into my regular (ridiculously busy) days.  It’s now also a habit!

Many, many thanks to  @LordSilent for creating and hosting the contest, and congrats to everyone who participated!

Wish you could’ve done it, too? Fear not, I hear there might be more ReadMOD contests in the future…


4 Responses to Why ReadMOD was Awesome

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  2. Theo says:

    Hey Liz, me again!

    I’ve read a little about and found a name for this ‘extensive reading’, if you google you’re going to find some very interesting articles about it….

  3. Theo says:

    and a note: desactivate this ‘snap view’ is annoying (seriously) 🙂

    • veganliz says:

      Hi Theo!

      You’re right, there are some great articles! Unlike say, eggs or cell phones, there doesn’t seem to be conflicting studies- reading is good! no, reading is bad! – it’s all good. Yay!

      Sorry about the site previews, they are now re-de-activated!

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