Flickr, 日本語で

Here’s one more way to get some 日本語 into your day!

Make the most of your photo-sharing on Flickr (or any other site you upload photos on) by writing in Japanese for all your photo content: Titles, Descriptions, Notes, Tags, etc.

日本語 it up on your Flickr account: Titles, captions, and notes in Japanese!

Once you’re done uploading, it’s easy to tweet your photos for your Japanese-speaking and learning Tweeps to check out!

You don’t have to isolate your English-speaking friends with this, either.  Tag them and put their names in katakana.  Unless they’ve got a pole far up a place it shouldn’t be, they’ll probably think seeing their name in Japanese is at leeeast a little interesting.

I juuust started doing this, it’s fun!  Knowing people will see what you’ve written is motivation to try your best, too.

Click here to check out my Flickr.  (Just a wee one, but it’ll grow!)


One Response to Flickr, 日本語で

  1. ta132 says:

    Cool. When people at my work found out that I can read/understand japanese to a high level and even write it. They were surprised out of their minds lol
    But to me, anyone can learn this if you really put in the time. No smartness required

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