Escape Games FTW!

I’m hooked and I can’t stop!

The Japanese キッズ@nifty site has a set of puzzles, categorized as “脱出 games. (Escape games.)

The basic premise is that you are trapped somewhere and need to escape the building/area.  You must rely on your intelligence, uncanny detective abilities, and Japanese skillz, to get out.


Don't let the childish look fool you, this game is challenging!

Search rooms, find hidden objects and clues, and interact with the environments to get out…or not, muahahaha!

Don’t let the ”キッズ” in the title fool you, these are pretty tough!  (I think, anyways.  Maybe you’ll think they’re cake.  Just don’t tell me, or I will be a saaaad panda.)

They require a good chunk of reading, great for immersing and not so much that you’re overwhelmed.  (And if you’re into it, it really motivates you to want to understand!)

Whatcha waiting for?  Check them out and see what you think!  I recommend starting with the easiest one (エコナライ・スケープ!) first, to get the hang of it!)

The キッズ@nifty site has lots of other great games for kids that happen to be great for immersion and learning, too!  Check ’em out!

Got any favorite online games?  Share them in the comments!


8 Responses to Escape Games FTW!

  1. Blue Shoe says:

    Hmm…might be interesting for learners, too. I’ll check out that link later!

  2. I just played through this instead of doing work. Very fun, and I actually learned some new vocab. Thanks for yet another gold mine of fun Japanese content! I am now addicted to 脱出.

    • veganliz says:

      Haha, I’m glad! (Well, not for keeping you from your work…) Addicting, aren’t they?

      • No worries, the work was finished after I played the game. =D But yes, now I’m hooked. These are especially useful since I’ve been looking for things like Visual Novels to go through for reading practice. These games are nearly as good, and loads more fun since I’m doing stuff other than reading.

  3. 脱出ゲーム最高です! These games are very addictive.

  4. e_dub_kendo says:

    That site is a great resource. Thanks a lot, those games look fun too. Will definitely look into playing some. I miss you, btw, boo. When you gonna come see me again?

    A few links:
    A large, extensive list of Free Japanese MMORPG’s. The one’s I’ve played don’t actually check your ip address or anything, BUT when you register you will never to provide a fictional Japanese address (if you don’t have a legitimate Japanese address… if you do, you lucky bastard, don’t rub it in. I don’t wanna hear about it.) The easiest way to be sure your fictional address will be accepted? Look up the address of a company, J-List for instance, and use theirs.
    A list of hundreds of RPG’s, all made with RPGツクール. I thought they would be rather amateur, and was quite surprised at the very professional caliber of all the games here. My favorite so far: エルメアの空 ( ). It has an amazing story, and the gameplay is really well balanced.

    Finallly, if your playing games, (or Visual Novels), do yourself a favor and read this post from BlackDragonHunt:
    . In it, he explains how to use a tool called AGTH (Anime Game Text Hooker) grab the text from in the game and make it accessible for cut and paste lookups. This works quite well with something like GoldenDict, or using Translation Aggregator which the author of this post also describes.

    Liz, you’ve gotta get less busy somehow so u can come hang out more often. Hope all is well with you. 気をつけて!

  5. Wow, that game looks kind of cool! Games like that one are perfect for practicing Japanese.

    My favorite one is called You Find Yourself In A Room. It’s a text-based escape game, and a bit crude… it’s a shame that there’s not a version in Japanese (not that I know of).

    Anyways, thanks for sharing Liz! 😀

  6. WOW!! I still am stunned this keeps happening again and again in this day and age. I am so glad I was not jogging. We have asked for the future. I will follow the change in the future.

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