Song of the Moment #2

Here’s another “Song of the Moment” for you!  This one’s a good bit more advanced than the first, sure, but you can learn from it no matter what level you’re at!

Bump of Chicken’s ダンデライオン

Like it?  Click here to see more Bump of Chicken vids on YouTube!


4 Responses to Song of the Moment #2

  1. SimHuman says:

    Bump has my favorite lyrics out of anything I’ve heard in Japanese.

    • veganliz says:

      賛成! Great lyrics in so many of their songs, can’t wait to understand more! Got a favorite or recommendation?

  2. c_nak says:

    I’m officially hooked, loving the song and the cute lion 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    Haha that’s really cute 🙂

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