Update from Liz

Most recent immersion obsession...click to read the Jap. Wiki article on HP!

Dear everybody,

I miss you much and I’m sorry I’ve nearly fallen off the face of the planet!  I hope all is well and that your Japanese learning has been fun and fruitful.  How was July’s 多読?!

I’ve been super busy the past few months- moving back home, changing jobs, and … getting ready to go to England for grad school!

I decided to make my nearly lifelong passion my career, so I’ll be going into an MSc program for clinical animal behaviour 🙂

I am still learning Japanese, of course, and it will continue to be a very important part of my life.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get the opportunity to do dog training or research in Japan!

I leave in early September (my first flight ever, wooh!).  Things are looking to be crazy until then, but you should hear from me soon after!  🙂

Love and wishes for everyone’s fun and success with Japanese,


PS:  Since I’m moving overseas, I can’t take much with me.  I’m selling some of my Japanese textbooks/manga/graded readers/regionless DVD player/my denshi jisho on e-bay.


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