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The internet is full of amazing (and often free!) tools to help you learn Japanese.  (PS: There are other sites I’ve found since making this list, and until I add them here, you can find them under the “Websites” category on the main page.)

Self-Study Sites

All Japanese All the Time

Exactly what it sounds like.  This site outlines an immersion learning technique as developed by the author, Khatzumoto.  It basically involves constantly exposing yourself to Japanese in as many ways as possible, all while enjoying and really having fun with it.


This site has 28 levels of Japanese learning, and each level has 6 sections: Conversation, Grammar, Drills, Conversation Practice, Listening Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension.  There’s pictures and video as well as audio files for everything.  It’s a bit tricky to figure out at first, but once you do, it’s great!  It’s especially useful if you’re lacking in study structure and/or a textbook.


A language-learning journal community.  Post journal entries in the language you’re learning and they’ll be corrected (usually very nicely and encouragingly!) by native speakers.  You can also help others learn your native language by correcting their entries.   Sign up and try to write 3 or 4 entries a week.  If you’re feeling brave, get yourself a SnapVine account and read your entries aloud.  Also a great place to find people willing to Skype with you.


Live internet learning!  This obscenely awesome site brings tutors and students together in virtual classrooms.  (Complete with video, audio, chat, power points,  you name it!)  There’s usually quite a selection of Japanese classes, some of which are free and some of which are $5 and up.  I led a JLPT 3 study group as a tutor this past fall, and it was loads of fun!  EduFire is still young and growing, and it’s got a lot of promise.  One of the leaders of the wired education revolution.  Check it out!

Meguro Language Center

Scroll down to the “Free Study Materials”.  Lots of neat resources on different Japanese topics.  Audio, print-outs, quizzes, etc.  A bit confusing, so best used by finding the topics that match up with what you’re already studying that week.  Check it out!

Learning Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana


Kanji flash-cards.  Simple, easy to use, sorts kanji by JLPT level, and keeps track of your progress.  Great for pre-test review!


An awesome kanji-learning flashcard site with decks organized by JLPT level.  More intensive than Speedanki.  I think one of the best features is that you can click on the kanji displayed and it will produce a pop-up with a break-down of each individual kanji in the word.  Pretty nifty!  It was free, but now there is a small (and worth it!) subscription fee.


Hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocab, and more- this ever-growing app has got it all- and it’s fun!  It’s been getting a whole lot of well-deserved attention lately.

Online Dictionaries Etc.

Rikaichan for Firefox:  An add-on that allows you to hover your cursor over Japanese text to see the reading and translation.   It’s absolutely indispensable.  Do it!

Denshi Jisho:  An online Japanese-English dictionary.  It also has kanji info and sample sentences, which make it really useful!  Trying to learn a word or kanji?  Hit the “sentences” link and voila, a whole list for you to read, write, and really cement that vocab!  A great part of this is the multi-radical kanji lookup.  You can use it to find out the readings of a kanji you can’t “select” on your computer screen.  (ie: in graphics/ads, or in books you’re reading!)  It’s just a prettier version of Jim Breen’s (See next).

Jim Breen’s  wwwjdic : Japanese-English dictionary.  Decidedly less pretty and organized than Denshi Jisho, but many people prefer it.  It’s the dictionary that Denshi Jisho is based on.


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  1. JJ says:

    Thanks for the great links=D. I have one question did you teach your self japanese?

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